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My name is Cynthia Bonesky. I am now retired and I finally have time to paint. I was very interested in painting and drawing as a child but I spent my adult years as a gymnastics coach and, later, as a teacher. I married and raised two daughters and my involvement in art was limited to crafts with my children for many years. When my daughters finally graduated from high school, I realized that I could take up painting. I had a room to work in and some time to myself. I was not in a position to go to art school so I became a “workshop junkie” for quite a few years. I tried all kinds of things, from water color to oil, from realistic to abstract, and I learned a great deal. Some of what I learned was what not to do. You don’t always find yourself in tune with every workshop instructor but even that knowledge was good. It helps to refine your vision and decide what direction you want to go in. I decided that realism was what I was drawn to and that is what I stick to now. I have now painted for over twenty years. I have belonged to the FCA for many years and I have also painted with a group of women in Port Alberni called The Wednesday Painters since 2003. We bring people in for workshops and we have had several group shows. It is a creative and supportive environment in which to paint. I have also worked with a fiber art group and participated in shows with them. In 1999, my husband and I built a house and I finally had a proper art studio to work in. We live at Sproat Lake, just outside of Port Alberni and the view and my garden there provide some of the inspiration for my work. I have done landscapes and portraits and I have used the flowers and produce from my garden as subjects as well. I have tried most mediums at one time or another and I will probably continue to work in a variety of mediums just for interest’s sake but I have currently zeroed in on oils as my medium of choice. I have tried abstract and mixed media techniques but I find that my interest is in the colors and details of my subject. I like the way different lighting can change the colors and textures of things. I feel as if everything I paint is a “portrait” in some way. I paint the story of each individual thing. It is not just a flower or a tree. It is this particular tree or flower on this particular day in this light. I want to convey the beauty I find when I closely examine something. It is easy to overlook things in our busy lives. I enjoy stopping to study something and then paint it in such a way that someone else can see what I saw in that subject. I draw and paint quite often from life but I also use photos because the image remains the same and I can focus in on details that I think are important. Over the last twenty years, I have done commission work, mostly portraits but also some landscapes. I have done seven large indoor murals for buildings in my community. I have had two solo shows in Rollin Art Gallery and I have participated in many group shows with the FCA, my painting group, my fiber art group, and Days with the Arts. I have won awards several times in the shows I have entered. I have had work in various galleries in Port Alberni, Qualicum, Nanaimo , and Granville Island in Vancouver. I have taught drawing and painting classes in the local community center and in the schools. I paint and/or draw as a regular part of my daily life and plan to continue doing so. cbonesky@shaw.ca 250 724 1767